Wednesday, December 19th, 2018


2017 Arkansas Student Success Symposium Materials


Kristin Wood and Deirdre Heistad – Pre-Symposium Workshop

“Incorporating Peer Mentors into First-Year Courses and Programs”

John N. Gardner

“What Matters Most”

Dr. Drew Koch

“Gateway Courses: Bridges or Barriers to Equity and Completion?”

Tanya White-Earnest


Dr. John Dunlosky

“Improving Student Achievement: Some Principles from Cognitive Science”

Charlie Nutt

“Building a Passion for Academic Advising”

Chris Hein

“Bridging the Gap”


2016 Arkansas Student Success Symposium Materials

Dr.  Eric J McIntosh

“The Thriving Project”

Dr. La’Tonya Rease Miles

“From Surviving to Thriving: First-Generation College Students and Academic Citizenship”

Ms. Amy Simons

“Coaching Students to Success

Dr. Kristen Renn

“Diversity, Identity, and Student Success”

Ms. Irina Renolds

“Igniting Student and Motivating them to Success: Adapting and Adopting the ACE Model at ASUN”

UCA Panel

“Building Support for At-Risk Students: Scaffolding Strategies at UCA”


2015 Arkansas Student Success Symposium Materials


Dr. Brad Garner
Pre-Symposium Workshop Materials

Dr. Dafina-Lazarus Stewart
“Student Ready”: Modeling Equity & Inclusion for Student Success

Dr. Brian Tietje
Making Your Program Indispensable: Connecting First-Year Programs To Institutional Priorities

2014 Arkansas Student Success Symposium Materials

Terry O’Banion Materials:

Guideline to Boosting Student Success

Learning, Teaching, and College Completion AACC

The Case for On-Time Registration

The Completion Agenda To What End

O’Banion powerpoint presentation

Stacy Griffey and  Álvaro Marmolejo Davis Materials:

Davis and Griffey powerpoint presentation

Dr. Dan Friedman

Friedman Powerpoint Presentation

Dr. Victor B. Saenz

Victor Saenz Presentation

2013 Arkansas Student Success Symposium Presentations

Dr. Cuyjet – Enhancing the Retention of African American & First Generation Male College Students

Dr. Hazard – The Perennial Problem of Teaching Motivation & Addressing Procrastination: Pedagogical Principles & Practical Solutions

Dr. Joslin – The Role of Academic Advising in Student Success & Retention

Dr. Younger – Wired to Connect: The Scientific Case for Problem-Based Learning